Forklift Truck

Forklift and Transports with drivers compartment, designed to transport and stack loads with aid of a mast on which a fork carriage moves up and down between the mast channels. The fork carriage is suitable for load attachments. Loads are handle and transported outside of the confines of the wheel base.

Main rating for a forklift is its capacity - the load that can safely be transported and handled while maintaining safety and stability guidelines. Capacity ratings are always given with respect to the load center. This dimension is measured as the distance between the heel of the fork and the center of the transported load. The maximum size and weight of the load handling capacity is a direct relationship to the capacity of the vehicle (measured in weight and load center). 

Forklift Truck types:

  • Front lift - counterbalanced vehicles
  • Reach trucks
  • Four directional vehicles
  • Lateral stack vehicles