Shelf Level Selector

All lift trucks with a mast can be fitted with an Electronic Shelf Level Selector. This Selector can be programmed for the various shelf levels of the storage rack. Driver would key in the required shelf level and the lift will stop at the proper height. The Shelf Level Selector also assists with the setting down a load or retracting it by lift/lowering a few inches needed for the pallet to clear the rack beam.  

An alternative to the Shelf Level Selector is a Lift Height Indicator. It shows the lifting height on the dashboard while the forks are elevated. A warning light will alert the driver when the proper lifting height is approached. At that point the driver has to stop the lift manually. 

Advantages of the Electronic Shelf Level Selector: 

  • Improve the work cycle time  
  • Increase the safety factor  
  • Reduce damages to the load 
  • Reduce drivers stress