Rated Capacity

The Rated Capacity is a measure for Material Handling Trucks (with the exception of tow tractors). It states the weight of the load that can be transported safely by the truck if all the safety conditions for the truck are adhered to. 

It is important to know the difference between the Rated Capacity and the Actual Capacity.

  • Rated Capacity

- is determined at standard lifting height for the truck and at stated (standard) load center of the load. 

  • Actual Capacity

- is determined with the truck standing on a tilting platform and shows the actual capacity at various lifting heights as well as with various load centers. The Actual Capacity is further influenced by the use of various attachments for the lift truck.  

The remaining Actual Capacity at various lifting heights and load centers has to be shown by a diagram near the drivers seat of the fork lift truck so that the driver is informed. 

It should be known that the Actual Capacities given are for standard driving conditions only - i.e. driving on level floors, driving with load lowered, lifting with truck standing. 

If trucks are equipped with attachments, the changed capacities and load centers have to be observed.