A pallet is a load carrier designed to carry, transport and stack various goods with Material Handling Equipment. It consist of a number of top boards, three 2"x4" stringers and several bottom boards spaced to allow the transport with manual- or electric powered pallet trucks. Most of the pallets in use are made from wood, but pallets are also available made from plastic, aluminum, steel and even cardboard.The standard wood pallet comes in two basic designs: 

  • Two-Way Entry Pallet:

This pallet can be handled by pallet trucks and by fork lift trucks but only from two opposite sides. The bottom boards of the pallet have a approx. 6" wide board on either end followed by a appr. 8"space for the pallet trucks load wheels to enter and rotate in. The center of the pallet bottom is provided with filler boards.

  • Four-Way Entry Pallet:

This pallet has the same bottom board design as the 2-way pallet above. In addition it has the stringers cut back at the 8" opening for pallet trucks allowing sufficient space for the forks of a fork lift truck to be entered also from the sides of the pallet.Therefore the name 4-way entry pallet.