Racks are used for the storage of goods 

Racks are available in various constructions, for example:

  • Drive-In-Racks

Fork lift trucks can enter this type of rack and stack loads in depth as well as in height levels. This increases the overall storage capacity in a given area.

  • Flow Through Racks

These racks have a (usually) 3-degree pitched rolling surface. Pallet loads are loaded on the high side and unloaded on the low side of the pitched storage level. This method assures a first-in-first-out storage concept. 

  • Racks with solid decking - also Shelving

Regular rack frame with uprights and load beams are then fitted with a decking between load beams and offer solid area for the storage of non-palletized goods. 

  • Cantilever Racks

Special racks for the storage of long load such as pipes or bar stock    

  • Pallet Racks

are for the storage of palletized goods. Rack uprights are connected to the load beams and form a solid structure for the storage of pallets.