Reach Trucks

Reach Trucks (also Reach Fork Trucks) are Narrow Aisle Material Handling Truck with a three wheel design. The load is supported between the two front wheels. The rear wheel is powered by an electric motor. The load handler can be moved hydraulically in the direction of the wheel arms.Since these trucks are fitted with small wheels (usually polyurethane rollers) they are only able to work indoors on flat grounds. A number of attachments are possible. 

Types of Reach Trucks: Walkie Reach Trucks

  • Stand-Up Reach Trucks (driver standing on platform)
  • Driver Sit Down Reach Trucks (driver sits 90-degrees to travel direction)
  • driverless Reach Trucks

The advantages of the Reach Trucks are:

  • narrow working aisles due to tight turning radius
  • excellent load center while travelling

The disadvantages are:

  • slow travel speeds
  • level and smooth floor required (small load wheels)