Fork Lift Trucks should be constructed in a way that the driver has clear view of the travel path as well as the forks or the load. 

The visibility can be increased by various means:

a) in fork lift trucks:

  • using suitable mast constructions
  • Location of the drivers seat (drivers standing location, drivers cabin)

- either on the side of the lift mast - so that the driver can see past the side of the mast - or elevated so that the driver can look above the mast - or across so that driver can look alongside of the load - or with rotating seat so that the driver can keep the load behind him.

b) in high capacity lift trucks for the transport of large or irregular loads.

  • Location of the driver cabin to offer best possible visibility over travel path, load and load handling means.

- Moveable drivers cabin which can either move sideways - or elevates with the loads while lifting.

  • Provisions for the drivers cabin to rotate so that driver can see in the direction of travel either when driving forward or in reverse.

- Installation of dual controls so that driver can swivel between the two of them and has good visibility while traveling forward or reverse.


  • Construction of the drivers cabin or the drivers stand

- windows all around - transparent floor transparent roof.

  • Increased visibility with view upon the path of travel with elevated loads by:

- installation of suitable mirrors - installation of video recorders with screens in the drivers cabin - sideways movable drivers cabin. 

  • Installation of windshield wipers and window de-icing controls so that the drivers view is not limited by weather conditions.