The carrying capacity of a fork lift truck shows the weight of a load that this truck can carry safely under the set Safety Rules and Regulations. It is important to know the difference between the rated capacity and the actual capacity for each truck.

  • Rated Capacity

- is the capacity of the lift truck with standard lifting heights and with standard sized loads.

  • Actual Capacity

- is determined by tilting platform tests and shows the actual capacity based upon lifting heights of that specific trucks - as well as the load size this truck is supposed to carry. Attachments used with the lift truck will also alter the actual capacity.

The actual capacity of a specific truck must be listed by the truck manufacturer on a capacity plate. The plate has to be permanently attached in the drivers compartment so that the driver of the fork lift truck can see and reference it at all times. The driver should be informed that the rated capacities for this truck are given for travel on level ground, driving with lowered loads only and lifting while the truck is not moving. Attachments and their reduced capacity have to be listed separately.