Fork Lift Trucks with IC-Engines

Fork Lift Trucks are powered either by battery powered electrical motors or by IC-Engines. IC-Engines have the advantage that they can be operated continuously for a long period of time and are relatively unaffected by rough floors, dust, water and high air temperatures. Therefore they are ideal for any outdoor operation - or in well ventilated facilities.Replacing fuel for the IC-Engine tank is simpler than the recharging for the batteries. Safety and Health Regulation must be observed however to control the exhaust gases of the IC-Engines.

Diesel or LP-Gas engines are preferred since Gasoline Engines exhaust high levels of carbonmonoxide and should not be used in any indoor operation at all.

  • Diesel Engines

These engines are preferred because of their power output, their low emission, their long life and low maintenance requirements.

  • LP-Gas Engines

They are powered by LP-Gas, a mixture of liquid Propane and Butan. They are recognized for their low emissions and low operating noises. It has to be considered, however, that LP-Gas mixed with air becomes a combustible, explosive mixture. LP-Gas engines are not allowed to operate in closed rooms without ventilation and also not inside refrigerated rooms or in freezers.